GOD In The Declaration of Independence

The Exceptional, Judaic-Christian Society

One Nation Under GOD, United States of America

(E Pluribus Unum – Out of many one)

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The Declaration of Independence
Gettysburg Address
The Admonition and Warning

Also see Benjamim-Thomas-Abraham-Harriet-Martin and Jefferson Warning


The late US President, Abraham Lincoln Addressed "us the living" and founding father's posterity of America with this admonition and warning for the fate of a "new nation...under GOD...brought forth on this continent."

NOTICE: Of the eleven Presidential elections since the Nixon victory in 1968, so-called Republicans of conservative values have won seven to the Democrats of liberal values five (the last two being the Obama Administration), yet, the American society is more under government controls than ever, with greater socialistic, economic measures than those of a free market, capitalist enterprise.
Apparently, and ironically, the Communist-run Peoples’ Republic of China is at this time more business friendly than the United States of America, supposedly the last great bastion of capitalism.
QUESTION: If this EXCEPTIONAL, new nation is indeed divinely ordained to exist at this time of world crisis, based on the purported evidence of Providence that has been shown to it by the GOD that We the People profess to be under, why then is the vaunted American Dream experiment trending toward termination?

Why since November 6,2012 did GOD order or allow a second presidential term of (the stealth Muslim, phoney Christian, pro-same sex marriage, illegal alien activist, anti-American, anti-Black, i.e., chattel slave descendants, racist, "wicked and dreaded", head of the anti-GOD Democrat political party) Barack Hussein Obama?  Why?

Note: The Hebrew Holy Scriptures (Bible) reveals that GOD creates, raises, and takes down nations, as well as control the hearts of rulers, will even set up "bad" peoples over them.  "...The Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever HE will, and sets over it the basest sort of men."
[Daniel 4:17, 25,26,27]

The LORD sends "basest sort of men" into nations as implements of chastisement and/or punishment, as in the cass of Adolf Hitler to an obvious rebellious against HIM country.

Therefore, it seems that through the great, American led demand for all men who are qualified to directly participate in the governing of themselves, the Creator, nevertheless still involved Himself in their affairs. 

Subsequently and ironically, the predicted end of the United States American Dream Experiment will not come by military firing bullets, etc, by invading armies, but rather of ballots in a demcratic process, even as Muslim nations now vote terrorist organizations to rule over them.

Consequently, 150 years after Lincoln gave this admonition as how to keep this Republic free, by the dire warning of perishing should we fail to finish sacred work of GOD for the United States, which is the Mission of the Republic...the freeing of the chattels slaves, ending the hypocritical-peculiar institution, and ensuring them and their descendant children, an experiential citizenships "as is enjoyed by White citizens."  [Section 1, 1866 Civil Rights Act]

On November 19,1863, President Abraham Lincoln admonished American citizens, the living remnants of the Civil War concerning the importance of completing what the great "brother against brother" war was actually all about, which is the liberation of fellow human beings from the tyranny of chattel slavery and its generational aftermath.
In the Gettysburg Address, Mr. Lincoln calls upon “us the living” to continue the 1776 Revolutionary road freedom against the tyranny of slavery as demanded by the Declaration of Independence, of which 150 years ago, over seven hundred and twenty thousand young Americans boys and men (94.7% White, & 5.3% former slaves and freedmen) gave their lives in the US Civil War or the Southern Confederate States Rebellion.
Mr. Lincoln admonishes that we are to finish the work that they have "thus far so nobly advanced", because in doing so, we will continue to exist as a nation in the safeguarded blessings of liberty under GOD, and thereby reap the rewards of "...government of the people, by the people, and for the people that shall not perish from the earth". See Gettysburg Address
However, the Great Liberator duly warns us that should We the People of the founding father’s Posterity falter and fail in this sacred, and noble duty, then the American Dream experiment…indeed, the weird, human government aberration of all time, will be over and perish.

The governmental controls and socialist fiscal crisis; the Islamic-Jihad-Muslim incursion; the civilian, non-military invasion and occupation of US land, erroneously called “illegal immigration”; along with the decay of American societal and civil fabric, and of course, the specter of fatal damage to the nation caused by Barack Hussein Obama; etc, all have their roots in what Abraham Lincoln admonished and warned us about...which is, the consequences of failure to finish the Contractualand Covenanted business with GOD concerning chattel slavery and its' aftermath.

Also see Benjamim-Thomas-Abraham-Harriet-Martin and Jefferson Warning

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